Google Chromecast Supported Apps in Google Chromecast

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Google Chromecast Supported Apps

Supported Apps

Google Chromecast is the new entrant in the video streaming industry just like the newly released Amazon Fire TV. Within a short span of time Google has added some impressive quality of channels or apps to the Chromecast if not the quantity.

Though the number of channels are not as impressive as Roku who has thousands of channels under its belt. But still Chromecast has associated itself with some big and major names. The list is as follows

You Tube
MLB TV Premium
Google Play Movies and TV
Google Play Music
Red Bull TV
Post TV
Real Player Cloud

Google is committed to add more channels in future and the number of channels will increase considerably in the coming time. This is so because Google has released Chromecast Software Development Kit (SDK) and API at the beginning of the March which has led to the development of many apps for Chromecast all of which are available at Google Play Store.

The above mentioned apps or channels are available with Chromecast. But there are other channels which we would like to access through our Chromecast. The top in the list is Amazon Prime Instant.

There are many guide books now selling on which gives step by step guide about the procedure and tricks to cast videos by from channels like Amazon Prime Instant, Spotify, Groovesharks etc.

Chromecast is not just a video streaming device from your Andriod device to HDTV but it can do myriad of other things. It has huge potential which these guide books open to us.

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